PUBG Mobile Season 13: Release date, Royale Pass, Mad Miramar, Update 0.18.0

PUBG Mobile‘s 0.18.0 update has hit global servers, and now, the Season 13 update will be pushed out in the game on 13th May 2020.

PUBG Mobile’s Season 13 will add the Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger at Rank 50, and the Ultra Defender Set at Rank 100. Other than this, a new male character Andy will also be added, along with his own voice, emote, and outfit.

Royale Pass Theme-Toy Playground

Toy Playground will become the theme of the 13th season and bring a lot of new skins and new expressions. In addition, the changes in this update will be more visually biased towards cartoon colors. Fewer “realistic” looking cosmetics.

New Character

The new season 13 will bring a brand-new male character Andy, he is a magical magician and a puppeteer, PUBG also quoted his sentence ‘I can make this gun talk’ in the poster. His ability is to improve the speed of drawing and painting.

Seasonal update, PUBG mobile version will introduce new Vikendi 2.0 and update Miramar Map 2.0, these include jungle adventures and security battles. Golden Mirado may also be triggered in Miramar.

New Skin

The new season will bring a new skin to player, a set of armor similar to the Power Ranger, available in blue and red. They are named Flash and Lava Superman respectively.

Another new skin is tribal themed armor and comes with a ram skull mask. The updated skin is more cartoonish than before, and the colors are more abundant. For the player, the good-looking skin makes it difficult to choose.

In addition to the skin update, the gun skin also has updated content. In order to fit the theme of the new season, PUBG Mobile has launched several Lego style gun skins.

New Voice Packs

This new update will also bring new voice packs to PUBG Mobile. Players can use updated voice packs to communicate in the game.

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